Methanol factory
Transitioning to a Green Hydrogen / Methanol Economy on May 28

Join the Diplomatic Council for an insightful online event delving into the transformative potential of methanol and ammonia as a game changer for Africa and Europe.


or use this link on May, 28, 15:00-16:30 CET

As observers of current political and social events have already noted, the hydrogen era is on the rise, aiming to supplant carbon-based combustibles. However, amidst this transition, critical considerations arise regarding the energy-intensive process of hydrogen production and the challenges associated with transporting the gas safely and cost-effectively.

Methanol and ammonia have emerged as perfect partners due to their ease in handling and transport. Although ammonia has drawbacks such as emissions and safety hazards, methanol's liquid form and lower toxicity make it a promising candidate for a global shift away from fossil fuels. Green methanol, produced from renewable sources like green hydrogen and CO2 capture, can replace conventional fuels like crude oil, coal, and natural gas.

The concept of a methanol economy is gaining traction, offering a practical solution for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and addressing climate change. However, the transition requires a massive increase in renewable energy production. Currently, solar and wind energy remain underutilized globally, especially in regions like South East Asia, South and Central America, Australia, and Africa, presenting opportunities for substantial growth in clean energy infrastructure.

Overall, the transition to a green methanol economy represents a multifaceted approach encompassing energy production, fuel innovation, and global cooperation to achieve the sustainability goals in many industries.


Felix Zuckschwerdt, Head of Mission for Diplomatic Council, East & South Africa

Panel Speakers:

Vandre Spellmeier, German-Angolan Hydrogen Office, H2 diplo (AO)

Frank Obrist, CEO & Founder, Obrist Group (AT)

Thomas Wu, Board Member, DSE Green Technology Holdings (Proprietary) Ltd. (NA)

Jonathan Metcalfe, Business Development, ENERTRAG South Africa (ZA)

Joel Vogl, CEO & Co-Founder, InfenerAG (CH)

Dr. Thomas Krimmel, Director, Southern BioPower Ltd. (ZM)

Tumi Leie, Managing Director, Ekapa Energy and Mining (ZA)

Yasmin Ali, Project Development Manager (Hydrogen), RWE (UK)

Hans-Henning Judek, Director, Energy Visions Japan Co., Ltd. (JP)