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DCS starts charity project in UK

The Diplomatic Council Students Organisation (DCS) has started a new appeal for donation in Great Britain. 

With the beginning of the Master Program 2020, the student’s football league in London has commenced. The first match took place on October 19, 2019 and this opportunity was seized by the students of the Hult University in joint forces with Fabian Jaskota, Head of the Diplomatic Council Students Organisation, in order to raise funds for a charity project. 

The sale of entry tickets for this first football match shall be donated to the project initiated earlier this year by DCS which is to finance the construction of a drinking water well in Ethiopia. Since clean water is not available everywhere in the world and in particular in such poor countries like Ethiopia, this has an impact on the health and productivity of the children and pupils. They spent around three hours per day to organize clean water from the neighboring villages which leaves them less time to learn at school – an unbearable situation!

Hence, the students appeal: "Even if you are not able to attend the football match, you are still welcome to purchase a ticket in order to help us building the drinking water well".