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With the success of the Diplomatic Council Publishing, the range of English books available in 2022 has grown substantially. With as many as nine titles now available, Diplomatic Council books are available in bookstores throughout Europe, America, Asia and Australia. More books are planned for international distribution in 2023.

Starting in 2023, the following title are already available: "How to avoid World War III" "The Battle for Taiwan - The most Dangerous Island in the World", "War in Europe - Our worst Nightmare", "When China and Russia join Forces - The Challenge for the Free World", "The Western Fiasco: Failure in Afghanistan, Syria and Ukraine", Afghanistan - The Battered Land", "My nuclear button is bigger: America vs. North Korea," "Simmering Kashmir," and "The Nuclear Threat - The Risks of Nuclear Power are Enormous." The main authors of these works include in particular the members Jamal Qaiser and Dr. Horst Walther.