DC Neujahrsempfang 2023
Diplomatic Council New Year's Reception 2023

More topicality is not possible

It was the most topical New Year's reception of the Diplomatic Council ever: Ambassador Prof. Dr. Heinrich Kreft, long-time President of the Diplomatic Council, spoke on the new security order in Europe. After the recent decisions (not only) of the German government to supply tanks and the openness of the USA and France to provide combat aircraft, the question raised by the speaker about the chances of diplomacy to end the Russian war in Ukraine could not be surpassed in topicality. The lecture was analytical-smart and frank-honest, but it could contribute only to a limited extent to the reassurance of the invited members and guests.

Live today!

But true to the motto "Live today!", the mood was one of relaxed cheerfulness throughout the evening. As in many previous years, the DC Secretary General Hang Nguyen was able to lead through the program in a skillful and lively manner. Marc Ruberg proved to be a gifted talent on the violin, accompanied by his brother on the grand piano.

Exchange in the best of moods

Thus the basis was created for a lively exchange in best mood, which was certainly also owed to the exquisite Buffet, the outstanding wine company and the styleful Ambiente of the hochherrschaftlichen mansion Bonn. The impulse lecture by DC co-founder and watch expert Thomas Gronenthal on the symbiosis of tradition and modernity using mechanical wristwatches in the blockchain attracted a lot of interest.

A wonderful evening

As one of the participants put it, "At the Diplomatic Council, I not only always have a wonderful evening, but I also always learn something new." There is probably no better way to sum up a think tank's New Year's reception.