EUTEC and DC join forces

The European Technology Chamber (EUTEC) and the Diplomatic Council (DC) have entered into a far-reaching strategic partnership.

The European Technology Chamber (EUTEC) is a registered non-governmental organization which enables European businesses to use their technologies for the benefit of Europe and mankind.

EUTEC has three major goals, namely, to increase the competitiveness of Europe and of European companies, to reach the SDGs (UN Sustainable Development Goals), and to build bridges to emerging markets. EUTEC is convinced that technology will be the answer to reach the three objectives.

To improve the competitiveness of European companies, EUTEC has created 18 Technology Councils in the three major areas of Life Science, Urban Technology and Industry 4.0, and together with EUTEC strategic partners and advocates, efforts are made to achieve this goal.

EUTEC, just as the Diplomatic Council, relies on a global network of strategic partners and members.