Thomas Gronenthal
Initiative „Online Business Boost“

No one will know how long the Corona Pandemic will last. But one thing is for sure: strengthening online business will be of utmost importance during and after the pandemic for each company. For this purpose, the Diplomatic Council has established a task force made up of corporate members to build up and extend in a sustainable, fast and professional way online business for companies.

The range of services provided includes: creation of websites, online shops, online communication, online distribution as well as a new method of search engine optimization by means of artificial intelligence. The Diplomatic Council members euromarcom public relationskreativrudel, Meeting Factory and Sapiens Consulting are part of the Online Business Task Force and offer all core functions of online business.

All core functions of online business

This includes strategy advice, branding, design, public relations, storytelling, websprint, social media campaigns, sales programs, affiliate marketing, lead generation, search engine optimization, photography, film production, product animations, ghostwriting and everything else that is needed to successfully drive online business.

All team members of the new task force have long-year experience and have worked, amongst others, for a renowned German football club, the Economic Academy of Bonn, German Telecommunications Agency, German Association of the Internet Economy, German Ministry for Education and Research, European Union and many medium-sized companies helping their clients to become more visible and successful.

As part of a global network, the task force is in a position to provide their services in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and anywhere in the world. For corporate members of the Diplomatic Council, the task force offers an exclusive and free quick check:

* Analysis of web appearance

* Analysis of Google presence

* Actions for improvements

Further information can be obtained from the Secretariat General