Members invited to Entrepreneurship Conference in China

Diplomatic Council members are invited to join the "Entrepreneurship of China-World Overseas Business and Economic Cooperation" Conference which will be held by The Returned Overseas Chinese Association of Nanjing in Jiangsu Province, in China during 3 days from November 19th till 21st 2019.

Through this event, participants will experience the flourishing development of Nanjing High-tech Zone and feel the rapid growth of high-tech industry. At the same time, it has absorbed the elites from all overseas Chinese including whole Europe. It has been actively promoted for the various cooperation projects, including information technology, artificial intelligence, digital finance, logistics and trade, energy and environmental protection, and biomedicine.

Furthermore, with the support of the local government and national relevant encouragement policies, the participants will have more opportunities to complete and achieve their own vision, value and goals. Ultimately, it will be perfect to see and meet the unprecedented prosperity of overseas Chinese elites and to develop together for creating prosperity together, explore the mutual benefit and solid mutual benefits based on the well-built communications and cooperation.