Singapore Yacht Extravaganza
Singapore Yacht Extravaganze

On the occasion of the visit of Diplomatic Council Co-founders Mrs. Hang Nguyen und Mr. Andreas Dripke to Singapore, Ms. Irene Ho, Head of Mission Singapore, arranged for a yacht get-together with ambassadors and business members. The first-class and relaxed ambience on the boat offered the perfect setting for establishing new contacts, deepening existing relationships, exchanging ideas and discussing potential projects. The personalities present indulge in the culinary delights while enjoying different tastes of fantastic wines. Many of the ambassadors issued invitations to exclusive receptions in their embassies. Local members were invited to join top-class events in Europe such as the upcoming Diplomatic Council summer celebration at a famous castle hotel close to Frankfurt in Germany.

Insights into the global work

Both founders seized the opportunity to give deeper insights into the global work of the Diplomatic Council and its influential and effective contribution in all areas of business and life. The Diplomatic Council is a unique organization in consultative status with the United Nations combining a global think tank, a world-leading business network and a charitable foundation. Members gain access to a global network of leaders from the highest levels of diplomacy, business and social change. The organization links diplomacy, business leaders, science’s leading minds and society’s front-runners on resolving mankind’s biggest challenges. For ambassadors the Diplomatic Council provides a unique platform to represent and promote their countries. At the same time, they act as door openers helping the business members to find business opportunities in their countries. Hence, synergies were created leading to win-win situations for all parties involved.

In order to take advantage of the synergies, the top-level members of the Diplomatic Council are regular invited to attend first-class events as well as the numerous receptions hosted by Diplomatic Council ambassadors. Ms. Irene Ho serves as the focal point for all Singapore members helping them to establish contacts to the ambassadors and other business members.

The Diplomatic Council membership is by invitation only. An elaborate selection process makes sure only high-quality businesses and sophisticated persons with a high degree of competency are admitted to the organization. Whoever carries a DC Status Card and the DC Needle of Honor, can be proud of it because it symbolizes they belong to one of the most exclusive networks worldwide.