Daniel McKee
Daniel Mckee
US Diplomatic Council Advisor

Daniel serves as the President of the US Diplomatic Council. His passion for solving complex problems and engaging within diverse issues has driven him into social good. Daniel has deep commitment to making changes no matter the size to make the world a better place. Daniel currently serves as Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Insomniac Design. Over the last 20 years Daniel has lead engagements serving heads of state and global organizations to ideate and implement critical strategic and technological solutions making major impact on important industry issues including health, education, environment, international development, and governance. His work with organizations such as the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA), numerous specialized United Nations agencies (including UNHCR, WMO, UNDP, World Bank, IMF, WHO, UNOPS, IOM, UNICEF, etc), The Smithsonian Institution, BBC Worldwide, Brand USA, United States Institute of Peace, Google, George Washington University, Amnesty International, National Endowment for the Arts, Postal Regulatory Commission, UNICEF, Voice of America, Radio Free Asia has made major impact in businesses, organizations, and governance areas. 


Daniel drives Insomniac Design’s vision and oversees its worldwide operations discovering unseen opportunities, solving systemic problems, and bringing new initiatives to market. Daniel also leads the US Diplomatic Council with a passion to grow the think tank, its business network and its social good projects. He is regularly in Europe, Asia, Africa, Caribbean, and the United States. Daniel is an entrepreneur with significant experience in ideation, digital transformation, creative solutions, and startup success. His unique vision is driven by a passion for innovation, technology and results. His technical and strategic understanding with a world view on issues empowers him as highly skilled at exploiting ideas that create true value for Insomniac Design and its clients, The US Diplomatic Council and his many other engagements beyond their goals.