Georg M. Diehl
Georg M. Diehl (R.I.P.)

Business Ambassador Georg M. Diehl is a social entrepreneur. He is the president of the Frankfurt Polo Club and a successful business person, but also likes to help people with less fortune in their life.

He organized the world's first bicycling race for handicapped as part of the famous "Around the Henninger tower" race. His polo club is opened once per week fo handicapped horse riding, just to name a few of his social engagements.

His future plans include to establish the world's first golf course for wheelchair users as well as the first kitchen garden again for wheelchair users.

Living on his own ground - his family is based in Frankfurt sind 1105 - Georg M. Diehl is a frequent traveller who has been in more than 150 of the 193 United Nations member countries. In a lot of them he help to run development programs to help the people. In the Diplomatic Council he is focused on Social Entrepreneurship.