DC Summer Celebration on August 26, 2021

Finally the Diplomatic Council summer celebration will take place on August 26, 2021!

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, this year’s summer celebration will be somewhat smaller – given that our international members and guests will hardly be able to travel to Germany. All the more, we shall spend a hilarious evening together chatting and celebrating, deepening our friendships and establishing new contacts – in a word: enjoy a “normal” life again!

We will start our little celebration at 6:30pm with a champagne reception and little bites. Afterwards, we will serve typical Hessian delicacies. Depending on the weather, we will either enjoy our dinner on the magnificent garden terrace or inside in the exclusive dining hall of the Villa Bonn.

This year’s summer celebration will take place at the grand and noble Villa Bonn in the heart of Frankfurt which was built as an upper-class palais in 1897. Ernst Eberhard von Ihne, Berlin’s court architect, has designed the Villa Bonn just as he designed the Schlosshotel Kronberg which used to serve as the location for our past summer celebrations.

Food and beverage served from 6:30 until 10pm including champagne reception are covered in the ticket price of € 60 for Diplomatic Council members and their partners. Guest tickets can be purchased at a price of € 75. Those participants who wish to stay longer, are welcome to do so and they can buy their drinks at the bar.

Guarantee: in the event the summer celebration cannot be carried out due to new governmental coronavirus measures, we will certainly pay back the participation fees.

Important note: depending on the current rules applicable, participants must prove that they are either double-jabbed or present a negative coronavirus test not older than 24 hours.

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