Dr. Péter Györkös
DC Summer Celebration on July, 13th

This year's Diplomatic Council (DC) Summer Celebration will take place on 13 July, 13th, with a diplomatic focus on Hungary. The keynote speaker will be the Hungarian Ambassador to Germany, H.E. Dr. Péter Györkös. The stylish setting will be the stately Villa Bonn in Frankfurt am Main with its unique ambience.

Keynote address by the Hungarian Ambassador

In the course of his diplomatic career Ambassador Dr. Péter Györkös has served as Germany Counsellor at the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Head of the Political Section of the Hungarian Embassy in Bonn and Second Embassy Secretary as well as Head of Department at the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs with responsibility for Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Benelux countries. He is also very familiar with EU affairs, among other things as Ambassador and Head of the Permanent Representation of Hungary to the EU in Brussels, Head of Department EU Coordination at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Hungary and Secretary of the Interministerial Committee for European Integration and of the Hungarian negotiating delegation for Hungary's accession to the EU. He speaks English, French, German, Russian and Croatian.

DC Mission Poland is officially opened

From Hungary to Poland: This evening marks the official opening of the Diplomatic Council Mission Poland. The Head of Mission, Marius Gorsky, travels specially from Warsaw to introduce himself to the DC members here. Marius Gorsky is one of the best known and most successful entrepreneurs of the young generation in his country and maintains excellent contacts in diplomacy and politics. This results in excellent business potential for DC members. German-Polish foreign trade set a new record in 2022: Never before has the bilateral trade volume of both countries been as large as last year.

DC Mission France is officially opened

On to France with the official opening of the Diplomatic Council Mission France. The Head of Mission, Maxime Boyer, comes specially from France to Frankfurt to introduce himself and receive his certificate of appointment. The aspiring young politician belongs to the direct contact network of DC Founding Ambassador Buddhi Athauda. Beyond France, he is also welcome in the EU bodies in Brussels. The members of the Diplomatic Council thus gain access to another high-profile network.

Award for all DC authors

Another item on the programme is the awarding of the Quality Writers Award to DC authors during the summer festival (personal presentation exclusively to authors present on site). Authors who have already published several times with the publishing house of the Diplomatic Council will receive the award in silver or gold.

Let us surprise you with further highlights on this evening!