Smart Cities Initiative
Diplomatic Council launches Smart City Initiative

The Diplomatic Council, a global think tank, a world leading business network and a charitable foundation in consultative status with the United Nations, is preparing the launch of a Smart City Initiative.

The Diplomatic Council’s main objective for this initiative is to reduce the consumption of resources in mega cities significantly by using modern technology hence making a contribution to protecting the environment. Following the withdrawal of the United States from the Paris climate agreement, the focus should be placed on the collaboration between China and Europe to achieve the Paris climate goals. The Diplomatic Council’s Smart City Initiative is managed and supervised by Steef Korfker, Diplomatic Council Chairman E-Mobility, and Luciën Tjon, Chairman International Relations.

„We use two and a half times more resources than is available on earth. At the same time more and more people move to the large cities. In order to respond to this development, building smart cities seems to be the decisive measure to enable an environmentally-friendly co-existence between people”, says Steef Korfker. “With regards to the deployment of modern technology, we need a closer cooperation between Europe and China as we cannot rely on the United States alone as a technology provider”, Luciën Tjon adds explaining the geopolitical direction of the initiative.

The Initiative will be first presented to an exclusive group of leaders at the Diplomatic Council Executive Club on June 28 in Frankfurt (Germany). Furthermore, a Diplomatic Council delegation has planned to introduce this Initiative during the IoT Exhibition in Beijing (China) later this year. An expert’s delegation from China is anticipated to come to Europe in 2020. “European companies possess outstanding technologies awaiting implementation on a large scale in China. Vice versa, China already has finalized big pilot projects from which Europe can learn”, says Steef Korfker about the Euro-Asian exchange of technology. “Currently, already more than 100 Chinese companies and institutes are involved. Now it is Europe’s turn to also participate” remarks Luciën Tjon.

Interested companies can seize the opportunity and establish contact at the Diplomatic Council Summer Celebration on June 28 in Frankfurt (

Background about Luciën Tjon

Our valuable member and Chairman International Relations Luciën Tjon has more than 20 year experience in international investment and trade consulting, and have established long-term friendly relationship not only with government officials but also in the international business with organizations and companies from many different countries. In the future, Luciën Tjon will focus on doing with business cooperation, exchanges and communications between Europe and Asian countries, especially China, and we are looking forward to the opportunities of future projects in these countries for all members.