Dr. Heinrich Kreft
Diplomatic Council New Year’s Celebration on January 27, 2023


German Ambassador Dr. Heinrich Kreft, a long-standing member of the  Diplomatic Council Board of Presidents, will deliver the Keynote Speech at the New Year's Celebration on January 27, 2023.

Look forward to a brilliant tour d'horizon through world politics, with a special focus on Europe and in particular Germany's role in the world. In his position as Chair of Diplomacy at the Andrassy University Budapest, he has more to say about this topic than ever before. Those who know him - and this applies to many members of the Diplomatic Council - know that Dr. Heinrich Kreft does not mince words when it comes to diplomacy.

Our President's speech alone is worth attending the New Year's Celebration. But of course, there is much more on offer. In the stylish ambience of the Villa Bonn in Frankfurt, good friends, long-standing members and illustrious guests meet for an exchange of ideas at the highest level while they will be pampered with culinary delights.

Hence, the Diplomatic Council 2023 New Year's Celebration will certainly be a wonderful festive event for all participants.