Global procurement of masks

In light of the corona virus pandemic the demand for protective masks has increased dramatically. In the meantime, these masks have become scarce goods.

Members of the Diplomatic Council specialized in procurement, logistics and medical supply have started to secure large amounts of masks in order to serve the increasing demands, focusing in particular on FFP3 masks that meet the requirements of medical personnel. Providing medical care and treatment to the population has the highest priority. Moreover, masks for non-medical private persons are provided which helps preventing infection.

The masks are offered in bulks from 1 to 10 million pieces per delivery and are provided directly by factories in several countries. The global relief action is supported by Diplomatic Council members in Europe, Asia and the USA. The global distribution of goods is handled by Diplomatic Council ZEC, a logistic hub that was established last year with the support of our member Beeline Logistics.

Only serious requests please to info(at)