Fares Ghattas
Luxury CEO Fares Ghattas at Diplomatic Council Gala 2019

The Global CEO of The Luxury Network (TLN), Fares Ghattas, will give a speech at the Diplomatic Council Executive Club before the Gala on February 1st in Frankfurt/Germany. He has developed thousands of strategies for many luxury companies and built an international HQ team specialized in high-end areas such as: finance, motorsport, nautical , health and beauty, aviation, realestate, travel, jewelry and watches, entertainment and fashion, among others. Q-Business Magazine called his work “brilliant and one of the most interesting people working in the luxury business”.

In 2016, Fares Ghattas was honored by IIMSAM the Intergovernmental observer to the United Nations Economic & Social Council the title of goodwill ambassador due to his fundraising/philanthropic acts, and interest in eliminating malnutrition. In 2018, Fares Ghattas Has been named Head of Diplomatic Council Mission Middle East.

The Luxury Network (TLN) is the worlds leading luxury marketing, partnerships and events group. The Diplomatic Council partners with TLN in several countries and locations like Germany, Singapore and the Middle East. Diplomatic Council members remember the great Singapore launch  in 2018, the luxury dinners in Los Angeles and the numerous cooperation events in Germany.