Afghanistan - The Battered Land
New book about "Afghanistan"

By DC Ambassador Jamal Qaiser and Sadaf Taimur

The war in Afghanistan is one of the longest-running wars. However, with the Taliban taking complete control of Afghanistan, we still hope that the country housing over 30 million people can stabilize itself. For this purpose, it is essential to discuss the complexity of the Afghan war and what can be the way forward. Therefore, intending to mitigate the suffering of Afghan people and bring peace, this book examines the intricacy of the Afghan war while discussing the history of war, factors shaping the war strategy, what went wrong, and the current situation in Afghanistan. Afghan people had suffered due to the long-standing conflict in Afghanistan, and they are still suffering. The future peacebuilding, good governance, and sustainable development in Afghanistan depend on its human capital.

The world cannot abandon these people now. Afghan people took the toll to fight terrorism, and this is when they shall get support from the international community. “Afghanistan - The Battered Land” appeals to the international community, governments, and the United Nations to ensure sustainable peace in Afghanistan while discussing some possibilities.