Marius Gorsky
New DC Mission in Poland

The Diplomatic Council continues its international expansion with a new mission in Poland. Marius Gorsky, an entrepreneur, visionary, investor and manager with 20 years of professional experience, has been appointed Head of Mission. He has long-standing relationships with the Polish business community, diplomacy and politics. His network of contacts extends far beyond Poland to other Eastern European countries and beyond. The members of the Diplomatic Council thus have access to a top-class network with a focus on Eastern Europe.

The new DC Head of Mission graduated with honours in International Business from Trinity College, Dublin, which is considered the most prestigious university in Ireland and is ranked eighth in the world for International Business by the Times Higher Education. Marius Gorskiy has been a permanent resident of Poland since 2011. During his career, he has successfully founded, managed and sold a number of companies operating mainly in the Irish and UK markets. For over ten years he has been a shareholder in several companies in eight countries in the retail, construction and financial sectors.

Since 2016, he has headed IPS Holding Group in Poland, for which he oversees projects in the construction, IT and renewable energy sectors in numerous countries and manages various subsidiaries, including Just Buy IT Distribution and Health Investment Group. 

About his involvement with the Diplomatic Council, Markus Gorsky says: "My guiding principle in leading the Diplomatic Council in Poland is to promote innovation with a focus on developing sustainable businesses, reducing global plastic waste and supporting socially excluded people." These are cornerstones of a strategy that is certainly endorsed by many members.