Shanghai Business Club
New Fortune Diplomatic Council Club in Shanghai

The Diplomatic Council and the Shanghai Fortune Enterprise Club have established a joined Business Club in Shanghai bearing the beautiful and country-specific name “Hundred Years Fortune Diplomatic Council”. A membership in the new joint business club includes a Diplomatic Council membership. At the same time, all applicants have to meet the same high requirements that we expect at global level. For this purpose, our new Shanghai business partner intends to meet each applicant personally. Worldwide, around 60% of all applications – most of them being received via internet – are rejected. The approval rate for applications received through personal recommendations exceeds 80 per cent. As the Shanghai Fortune Enterprise Club has more than 1000 members, it is anticipated that the new joint business club will be very well received.

Shanghai is the most important industrial city of the People’s Republic of China and one of the largest cities in the world. Approximately 15 million Chinese people live in the city center of Shanghai, another 8 million in the numerous urban districts within a radius of 50 kilometers. Shanghai is directly by the central Chinese government and has the status as a province. It is a financial center and a key transport hub as well as a significant cultural and educational center with a big number of universities and international organisations.

Hence, it would seem natural that the Diplomatic Council has partnered with the Shanghai Fortune Enterprise as it is the only business club in the Shanghai metropolis that has relations with the Shanghai University which again is attended by more than 10’000 students and future intellectual leaders. Shanghai Fortune Enterprise has formed itself from the alumni of the University and continues to attract new academic talents. The close relationship with the Shanghai University is one of the major reasons for many large and medium-sized Shanghai-based companies to join this club.

Diplomatic Council members from all over the world are welcome to attend the monthly meetings of the “Hundred Years Fortune Diplomatic Council” in Shanghai. Moreover, members in Shanghai are happy to meet anytime for a personal meeting or in smaller circles. Even before the official start of our partnership, we have received several requests from Shanghai companies looking for business partners all around the world.