NL Mobility Social Good Initiative

NL Mobility and Diplomatic Council Social Good Initiative

Diplomatic Council corporate member NL Mobility donates a significant share to the Diplomatic Council charitable foundation from each E-charging station sold on the recommendation of Diplomatic Council members.

All donations will be spent on educational sponsorships for young adolescents of the Francis van Hoi & Don Bosco gastronomy school in Vietnam. At this school, young people receive educational trainings to become a baker, a cook or a service employee. This training is intended for adolescents from very poor families or handicapped teenagers. In light of the touristic boom in Vietnam, this educational training provides a unique chance for the apprentices to find a good job and make a living – a chance they would not have without support.

Each and every E-charging station and accessory part that is sold because it was recommended by a Diplomatic Council member will receive a ”Diplomatic Council Social Good Initiative“ sticker. This initiative creates not only a growing network of e-charging stations, it also enables a better and more prosperous future for the children in Vietnam. And last but not least, it helps protecting our environment and our planet!