New Ambassadors
Numerous new ambassadors have joined the Diplomatic Council

Various new ambassadors as well as a head of government have become Diplomatic Council members in the past few weeks.

Most of them are based in the United Arab Emirates and have accepted the membership invitation issued by Michael Gutowski, Head of DC Mission UAE.

We cordially welcome the Belgium Ambassador, H.E. Antoine Delcourt, whose last position was in China, H.E. Dr. Kahbir Hamiti, Ambassador of the Republic Kosovo,  H.E. Bahodur M. Sharifi, Ambassador of the Republic Tajikistan, and former Vice Prime Minister and current Prime Minister of the der Republic Mauritius, H.E. Showkutally Soodhun G.C.S.K.

The Ambassadors of Italy, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Cuba have also just joined our organization and their admission is currently being processed.

Congratulations to Michael Gutowski for an extraordinarily successful start of this Mission in the United Arab Emirates!