Brazil Outlook 2022
Outlook Brazil 2022

by Frank P. Neuhaus*

At every turn of the year, Diplomatic Council member iManagement Brazil try to give an outlook on the coming year.

Of course, this does not happen by looking into a crystal ball or with a jackbooted mug. As has been the case for a good six years now, some of our former clients from reorganization and transformation projects want to use our expertise and experience in the business plan planning phase from around mid- September to mid-January for the coming economic period as a kind of sparing partner. In 2021, these were companies from the automotive supply, engineering oil & gas, mining, B2B start-up and a national coffee shop franchise chain. Among them, four companies originated in Brazil, one company is from France and another company is from North America.

The situation of the outlook for business year 2022 has for the first time the political scenario as the main component - Brazil is now definitely at a crossroads and has to decide where to go as a nation. This has consequences in any case with regard to economic growth, stability of the currency, interest rates, poverty rate, market structure, character of the economy.

Especially looking ahead to 2022, the situation has never seemed more convoluted and complex .


* Diplomatic Council member Frank P. Neuhaus is co-author of the book „Automotive: How to learn from Interim Managers“ published by Diplomatic Council in cooperation with its member organization United Interim