Positive balance 2022, outlook 2023

The Diplomatic Council draws an extremely positive balance for the year 2022. Numerous high-ranking diplomats from all over the world joined as new members, including the ambassadors of Belgium, Italy, Nigeria, Kosovo, Cuba and Taijikistan. Demand for memberships from business and academia was equally brisk. The strict quality course was continued, in that new members must continue to undergo a "heart-and-brain" examination as part of their application process to the Diplomatic Council or present a sound recommendation. The new members joining in 2022 come from Europe, Asia and America, including the famous Silicon Valley in California.

Triad: Events, books, business

After the corona years of 2020/21, the Diplomatic Council was finally able to hold regular events again in 2022. The conceptual triad of interesting lectures, a group of participants eager for discussion and an exquisite dinner in an exclusive ambience will be gladly accepted and continued in 2023. The Direct Contact Service that has been introduced has also proved its worth: More and more members use the service and contact the Diplomatic Council with selected contact requests, which are gladly fulfilled by the General Secretariat. All requests are qualified and channeled in order to establish contacts exclusively wanted by both sides.

The Diplomatic Council Advisory & Consulting Services (DCAPS) has been expanded in 2022 to include the topic of internationalization. This allows member companies that want to expand their business to other countries and regions to receive particularly targeted assistance. The range of services extends from market analysis and the development of an internationalization strategy to global public relations and market preparation, export strategies and the establishment of foreign subsidiaries. With new DC Missions in Brazil and the United Arab Emirates, the Diplomatic Council has significantly increased its own global footprint in 2022.

Collaborations that benefit all members

The Diplomatic Council 2022 continued and deepened its close and friendly cooperation with its cooperation partners Great Place to Work (GPtW) and United Interim (UI). Those who were present at the summer party witnessed the Diversity Award ceremony live together with GPtW. The morally controversial 2022 World Cup has shown that the topic is more topical than ever.

Together with United Interim, DC Verlag 2022 has published six new reference books from the successful "Learning from Interim Managers" series, which have been described by the press as "standard works" in their respective market segments of mechanical and plant engineering and business transformation. The "Career Handbook for Interim Managers" is a new addition to DC Verlag in its current second edition. From the eco association of the Internet economy it is to be announced that the founder and federation managing director of many years came over for the first time from other publishing houses to the DC publishing house and published "The digital civilization" with the Diplomatic Council. Another move to DC Publishing is in the works for 2023 regarding a world-renowned professor at the prestigious Stanford University, who has previously published with MIT and others. In the non-fiction sector, DC members Claude Piel, Jamal Qaiser, Marc Ruberg and Dr. Horst Walther were particularly impressive with their works in 2022.

Strengthening "thinking power"

"Through the cooperations and the book publishing house, we are gaining particularly experienced and intellectually demanding new members, which fits us perfectly as a think tank," says DC Secretary General Hang Nguyen. She explains the cooperation with United Interim, the leading community for interim managers, as an example: "Interim managers, i.e. executives on a temporary basis, master many more operational challenges in different companies in the course of their professional lives. The wealth of experience associated with this and the resulting network of contacts at board and management level benefits all members." She further explains, "With a high-ranking new author from the top management of the eco Association of the Internet Economy and a highly decorated figure from the Stanford professoriate, we are further expanding our global network of bright minds and deepening the thinking power of the Diplomatic Council, so to speak."

Outlook 2023

In the new year of 2023, the Diplomatic Council will continue its postcorona strategy. Cornerstones of this strategy include regular face-to-face meetings of members, "empowering" members to take their message to the world as book authors while enhancing their own reputations, and expanding the membership to include individuals at a high social and intellectual level.