Neven Subotic
Students raise funds for the Neven Subotić Foundation

The Diplomatic Council Students aim to collect donations for the Neven Subotić Foundation to build drinking well named after the DCS program. The Neven Subotić Foundation’s objective is to help children in the poorest regions in the world to gain access to clean water and sanitation and improve the hygiene situation for them with the result that more children can attend school again since they are no longer kept away from school due to sickness. The donation to this foundation is consistent with the Diplomatic Council’s desire to focus on aiding children in particular.

Please make donations to:

Diplomatic Council Foundation e.V.
Wiesbadener Volksbank, Konto 8268304, BLZ 510 900 00
IBAN: DE75 5109 0000 0008 2683 04, BIC WIBADE5WXXX

For every donation of 100 Euro and above you will receive a donors receipt.

Exceptional Football Player

Neven Subotić is a Diplomatic Council member and an exceptional football player, both with regards to his playing skills and his social commitment. Subotić was born in today’s Bosnia Herzegovina. Together with his parents, he came to Germany in 1990 but they immigrated to the USA in 1999 in order to avoid deportation to Bosnia Herzegovina. In his career, he played for US, Serbian, German and French national teams and recorded many successes. 

Social Commitment

Subotić acts as an ambassador of the children’s association “Children’s Laughter”. In 2013 he established the Neven Subotić Foundation which supports projects for children in need, in particular well construction projects in Africa. 663 Million people do no have access to clean water while 5.000 children die every day due to contaminated water. On July 28, 2010 the United Nations declared the right to water and sanitation a human right. Clean water, sanitation and hygiene form the three fundamental pillars for a sustainable future. Without them, there is no dignified life.

WASH: Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

The Neven Subotić Foundation supports numerous WASH projects in the Tigray region in North Ethiopia which, beyond the humanitarian aspects, create investments in this poor region and helps the local people. Clean water is the source of life, however, 663 Million people still have not access. Between 1990 and 2010 1,8 billion people have received access to sanitation, however 2,5 billion people worldwide still have to do without (UN Water 2013) with the terrible result that every 20 seconds a child is dying because of contaminated water.

More children die of contaminated water than of Malaria, Measles and Aids together. Every ninth person in the world has no access to clean drinking water and every third person has no access to sanitation facilities . Around 3,5 Million die each year due to a lack of water supply and access to sanitation. Access to sanitation, hygiene products and drinking water may save the lives of 1,5 Million children each year.

This is why the Diplomatic Council Students Program supports the Neven Subotic Foundation – in order to help these children to gain their right and to live a dignified life. 

If you are a student and like to join the Diplomatic Council Students Program please visit DCS.