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TeamDrive for Home Office

Switching to HomeOffice must be quick

In light of the corona virus pandemic, more and more companies strive to enable their employees to work from home – and must realize that the shift towards home working is not that easy.

TeamDrive is a longtime member of the Diplomatic Council and offers immediate help. TeamDrive’s virtual drives are the solution for a quick and secure transition to work from home. They create shared workspaces in the cloud and thus establish a connection between the home office and the workplace. The virtual rooms meet all German standards for data protection and data security and are also designed to be audit-proof. Setting up is very easy and can be done without complicated and expensive VPN configuration. The costs for set-up amount to € 4.95 per month for one workplace. Further information can found at

The EuroPriSe seal of approval

In order to document the result, TeamDrive has commissioned accredited experts from EuroPriSe GmbH to audit the TeamDrive solution. For the consistent and successful implementation of all aspects of data protection and data security, the TeamDrive software (TeamDrive 4) was awarded the Data Protection Seal of Approval in January 2020 for an additional 2 years as part of the recertification process (certificate number EP-S-MGBXC9, valid until 31 January 2022).

EuroPriSe is the only EU-wide, independent data protection certification body for IT products and IT-based services. The seal of approval enables IT companies to demonstrate compliance with current data protection regulations. The seal of approval’s audits of compliance with current data protection regulations also certify all the features of the zero-knowledge platform and full end-to-end encryption. The Zero-Knowledge Platform means that service providers know nothing about the data stored on their servers. Furthermore, it also expressly confirms the use for professional secrecy.

TeamDrive is considered as safe Sync&Share software made in Germany for the storage, synchronization and sharing of data and documents. A high level of security is also provided by end-to-end encryption, where the data always remains highly encrypted, even in the cloud. The user keeps his access key outside the cloud. This means that the respective provider or third parties do not have access to the corresponding files. The data protection requirements can only be met if the files are stored in a cloud data center in Germany or Europe or with a European company. TeamDrive supports Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android and iOS.