Dr. Heinrich Kraft
Why the Diplomatic Council Pin is important

It's just a small pin that every new member of the Diplomatic Council is presented with. But in its message, the pin with the letters "DC" for Diplomatic Council is huge.

The little "DC" marks membership in a global think tank whose members are deeply committed to the principles of humanism. Those who wear the symbol belong to a select circle of bright minds around the globe who care about their fellow human beings and feel a responsibility for the future of humanity. So it is only a small pin for one person, but a great symbol of humanity.

This unity of spirit is oriented along the humanistic ideal, as it was created in Europe a few centuries ago, but also expressed in the Declaration of Independence of the United States of America. Many clever minds have written countless books on this subject, which are difficult to summarize in a few words. As an orientation, however, a few essential keywords may be mentioned: living democracy, individual freedom, respect for human dignity according to the Charter of the United Nations, justice in the sense of equality of all people before an independent judiciary. For many people in Western democracies, these principles are so self-evident that their importance is often overlooked. However, incidents such as those surrounding the World Cup in Qatar show time and again that humanism is by no means a matter of course.

Whoever wears the DC Pin shows a clear stance. Of course, the idea of a just world in which all people everywhere can live happily is a utopia. But that should not stop us from occasionally pausing in our busy everyday lives to become aware of the principles of our humanity and to feel a responsibility ,which extends beyond our own existence. This is exactly what the DC Pin stands for.