Head of mission

Daniel McKee

Daniel serves as the President of the US Diplomatic Council. His passion for solving complex problems and engaging within diverse issues has driven him into social good.

The US Diplomatic Council has activities in Washington D.C. as well as in Los Angeles with a growing network in major cities.

The Diplomatic Council Mission United States was formed by a serial/ social entrepreneur who lives and works in Washington DC. His global perspective and business prowess seemed to be a great fit to lead up such a large and much needed place for the Diplomatic Council. The United States Mission was formed to facilitate more productive global interactions while also taking into consideration the many issues that the United States faces today. From immigration, health care, a changing plateau of US Diplomacy, and technology making impactful changes throughout the United States this Mission has many areas of focus to deliver upon.

The United States Mission is going to be transitioning into several city based Missions over the next year. Opening Missions in New York, Los Angeles, Houston, and Washington DC initially, we see the opportunities before us with pragmatic and excited eyes. We are looking for successful people who wish to make a difference in the world with focuses on at least one of the many challenges facing the United States and the world at large today.

Our Heads of Mission are empowered to create Diplomatic Council Programs, Forums, and Social Good projects. The global business network that is afforded to our members is one like no other in the world.