The Diplomatic Council Advisory & Professional Services (DCAPS) is a management consulting practice.

With support from the global network of the Diplomatic Council whose members are dignitaries, C-level executives, ambassadors, and politicians, DCAPS will offer very unique capabilities to clients.

Our management consulting services focus on solving complex challenges through on-demand, agile and multi-disciplinary teams. The Diplomatic Council has the unique advantage of its global network of members to fuel the growth of DCAPS through unparalleled client relationships, business development opportunities, investment opportunities, and high caliber of expertise across numerous domain areas. DCAPS will serve clients across industries and geographies to offer the following services:

  • Business-to-Business Connections
  • Go-to-market Strategy
  • Customer Engagement
  • Change Management & Transformation
  • Information Technology & Digital
  • Finance & Investment Management
  • Legal & Tax
  • Sales & Distribution
  • Human Capital Management
  • Executive Search
  • Mergers & Acquisition
  • Speaking Engagements & Training Workshops

The Diplomatic Council has obtained its United Nations consultative status with its vision that a thriving economy is a key factor to promoting peace. In line with the Diplomatic Council's code of honor, a portion of all DCAPS' revenues are donated to the Diplomatic Council Foundation for charitable purposes.