Fukuju Sake & Food Pairing Masterclass

In this Sake Masterclass – by invitation only –, we introduce Fukuju, a craft brewery established in 1751 and located in Kobe on the windy foothills of Mt Rokko. The name Fukuju is derived from one of the Seven Lucky Gods in Japanese mythology, Fukurokuju, which means happiness (fuku), wealth (roku), and longevity (ju).

Having grown immensely in popularity across the past few decades due to incredible foresight and an enthusiastic attitude to be as relevant as possible to today’s consumer needs, the Fukuju brand has transcended the Japanese market and is widely known in the international markets for their premium sakes. We invite you
to come join us and enjoy happiness, wealth and longevity with the taste of Fukuju.

Sakes to be tasted

Fukuju Junmai Mikagego | Salmon Tartare with Caviar on Cracker Fukuju Junmai Ginjo | Tamago with Yuzu Soya and Wakame Fukuju Daiginjo | Mini Japanese “Somen” with Truffles Fukuju Junmai Daiginjo | Red Bean Mochi
Fukuju Daiginjo Shizuku | Sakura Swiss Roll

Date & Time: Thursday, 12th January 2023, 4PM - 6PM

Location: Singapore (by invitation only)

Brand Partners for this exclusive preview include Criadera Concepts, Air Charter Service, The Beverage Clique and The Luxury Network Singapore.