Fake News
Defeating Disinformation in the Digital Age

Diplomatic Council members are invited to join the Blackbird.AI Event to learn about the first real-time misinformation analysis platform and raise awareness on fake news.
Today’s media are filled with false narratives. Synthetic amplification resulting in instability. Affecting Governments, Enterprises and Consumers alike, with an ever evolving challenge to differentiate the truth from lies. 
Blackbird.AI is the first real-time misinformation (fake news) analysis platform that uses Artificial Intelligence to assign Credibility Labels to content at scale. The Blackbird.AI Platform helps reverse the effects of misinformation by keeping key users in our network informed via alerts, controlling the spread of misinformation and analysing narratives as they progress. 
Sharing unchecked misinformation establishes false narratives that appear real which then go viral. This has been documented to have affected events such as the 2016 U.K. Brexit Vote, 2016 American Elections, 2018 Brazilian Elections and countless other events.