Startup Curriculum

The Diplomatic Council has created a curriculum for would-be entrepreneurs in connection with its Startup Program lead by Diplomatic Council Startup Advisor Aman Khan. The curriculum is made up of eight workshop modules in total which must be accomplished. The modules include: 

  1. Best Practices Module
  2. Fast Track Idea Validation Module
  3. Pitching Module
  4. Business Planning
  5. Go-to-Market Module
  6. Scaling – GO BIG! Module
  7. Leadership Module
  8. Financing

Workshops Module – Best Practices

  1. What can be learned from successful startups (Local and International)
  2. What can be learned from unsuccessful startups (local and international)
  3. DOs and DOn’ts
  4. Areas covered such as
    1. Pitching
    2. Execution
    3. Financing
    4. Business Plans
    5. Go-to-Market approach

Objective: The participants will learn – the real life situations - in a very compact form what can make them successful and what “traps” they can avoid.

Workshops Module – Fast Track Idea Validation

  1. How innovative and viable the idea is to be successful?
  2. What is current and future competition?
  3. Product/Service - PoC and Final Product/Service, Timing, Scalability
  4. Expertise/Skills Mapping; Key strengths and possible gaps
  5. Selecting most appropriate Financing option
  6. Most effective go-to-market approaches
  7. Suggestions and Recommendations on above points

Objective: The participants will receive feedback – positive and less positive – about their idea and its feasibility to be successful. The participants are expected to come prepared to discuss their Idea.

Workshop Module – Pitching

  1. Best Practices - Do and Don’ts
  2. Key Content and Messages
  3. The Pitch objective and understanding the audience
  4. Presentation material
  5. Presentation skills; practical tips
  6. Review of existing pitches or/and support in development of new pitch

Objective: The participants will receive advice how to make most effective pitch depending on the audience. They will receive instant feedback and tips to be more successful in their presentations. The participants are expected to make their pitch presentation.

Workshop Module – Business Plan

  1. What is the objective of the Business Plan?
  2. Internal /External; Audience / Stakeholders
  3. What is the Business Model?
  4. Key Assumptions & Contents
  5. Time needed for preparation of Business Plan
  6. Dos and Don’ts
  7. Review of current business plan and/or support in developing new business plan

Workshop Module – Go-to-market

  1. What is a G2M Plan? Why is it needed?
  2. Product/Services Definition
  3. Key value proposition to Customers and Partners
  4. Channel; internal or external, resources, compensation
  5. What material is needed to launching G2M plan?
  6. KPI’s definition and measurements
  7. Suggestions and Recommendations

Objective: The participants will receive sufficient information how to put-together G2M plans for their internal usage but also to share this with the potential investors.
The participants are expected to come prepared to discuss their BD plans

Workshop Module – Go BIG - Scaling

  1. New Markets; vertical or/and horizontal?
  2. Internationalisation?
  3. Channels/Partnerships options
  4. Resources; Organizational, skills, financing
  5. Regulatory, Taxes, contracts
  6. Supply chain
  7. Best Practices
  8. Suggestions and Recommendations

Workshop Module – Leadership

  1. Key Leadership skills
  2. Passion, Motivation and Inspiration
  3. Resources
  4. Role Model
  5. Vision, strategy and execution
  6. Business Ethics and Social Responsibilities
  7. How to be ahead of the game?
  8. Dos and Don`ts

Objective: The participants will learn what kind of leadership is needed to lead a Startup. They will receive clarity about their strengths and gaps.

Workshop Module – Financing

  1. Justification
  2. Opportunities (and Risks)
  3. Timing
  4. Most effective options; PE, VC, State, Regional, Business Angels
  5. Fall-back Plan
  6. Owners contribution; past and future
  7. Dos and Don`ts
  8. Suggestions and Recommendations

Further information: Diplomatic Council Startup Advisor Aman Khan, Tel. +49 171 2228442, E-Mail: aman [dot] khanatdiplomatic-council [dot] org, Web: