Canary Islands
New Global Logistics Hub

The new Diplomatic Council ZEC has been formed as a logistics hub with the objective to connect Asia, Europe and the United States of America.  The headquarter may seem unusual at first: the Canary Islands. However, the Canary Archipelago belongs to Spain and has the status as a special economic zone of the European Union enjoying remarkable tax and customs advantages. Diplomatic Council corporate members specialized in the import and export business are welcome to benefit from these advantages. For further information, members may contact our member Melanie Prinz, CEO of Beeline Logistics. At the last Executive Club during the summer celebration 2019, Melanie presented the significant services provided by Beeline Logistics and the importance of logistics at all. In today’s world, nothing “moves” without logistics.

Europe, Asia, USA

Thanks to is special status, our new transport hub is not only interesting for the import/export business within the European Union but also for all transactions in commodities between Asia and America. Hence, in light of the the trade conflict between China and USA, it is much faster and cheaper to handle all logistics between these two countries via the Canary Islands (without a product flow through these islands).

Active members are more successful

The new logistics hub shows that business acumen may pay off. In this case, Melanie Prinz has taken the initiative and involve herself in the Diplomatic Council global network. She has taken advantage of our global network in a positive sense and is now creating a genuine added value for other members.