Executive Club
DC Executive Club 2020: World in Focus

This year’s Executive Club focused on the global issues and concerns in the first part. The group discussed the economic and personal impacts of the Coronavirus as well as the conflict between Iran and the USA always raising the question what this means for Europe. Analysis and predictions were made on how the next decade could and would develop.

On top of discussing world politics and global events, further topics included the presentation of “DC Deals” which detailed numerous business opportunities for Diplomatic Council members. Another speaker gave helpful tips and advice on how to be prepared for a recession and even benefit from it.

Further speakers reported about their activities and achievements in the Diplomatic Council healthcare, logistics and chemistry areas and explained the advantages for Diplomatic Council members. The introduction of the Diplomatic Council Startup Leadership Program to promote young entrepreneurs was very well received.

Once again, the Executive Club turns out to be a great meeting point for thinkers, leaders, doer and brilliant heads of the Diplomatic Council.