Lucien Tjon
Luciën Tjon named Chairman

The Diplomatic Council has appointed Luciën Tjon as Chairman International Relations. He has more than 20 years of experience in international investment and trade consulting. Over the course of his career, Luciën Tjon has established friendly long-term relationships not only with government officials but also has developed international business connections with global organizations and companies from various countries.

In his Diplomatic Council function, it is Luciën Tjon’s objective to promote business cooperations, exchanges and communications between Europe and Asian countries, in particular with a focus on China. Luciën Tjon is instrumental in expanding the Diplomatic Council in the People’s Republic of China in joint forces with other members including Xiaoyun Lue and Helmut von Siedmogrodzki. These activities provide a lot of opportunities in these countries for all Diplomatic Council members.