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German Ambassador Prof. Dr. Heinrich Kreft about the War in Europe

Keynote address by Ambassador Prof. Dr. Heinrich Kreft, long-time President of the Diplomatic Council (DC), at the DC New Year's Reception on January 27, 2023, on the topic "From a Cooperative to a Confrontational Security Order in Europe - Does Diplomacy 2023 Have a Chance to End the Russian War in Ukraine?" (free speech):

The two questions I want to explore are: are we about to move from a cooperative to a confrontational security order in Europe, and does diplomacy have a chance in 2023 to end the Russian war in Ukraine?


Diplomatic Council New Year's Reception 2023

More topicality is not possible


Fukuju Sake & Food Pairing Masterclass

In this Sake Masterclass – by invitation only –, we introduce Fukuju, a craft brewery established in 1751 and located in Kobe on the windy foothills of Mt Rokko. The name Fukuju is derived from one of the Seven Lucky Gods in Japanese mythology, Fukurokuju, which means happiness (fuku), wealth (roku), and longevity (ju).

Thought Leadership

Industry Business in Vietnam

China+1 Strategy: Focus on Business Development in Vietnam Status of Automation in the Industry

by Karlheinz Zuerl*

ABB is investing around $150 million to build a new mega robot factory in China. The facility covers about 67,000 square meters, with 8,000 square meters earmarked for robot research along with AI and digital twins as well as software. The factory combines the physical and virtual worlds of work.


Gratitude and optimism

We have every reason to look to the new year 2023 with gratitude and optimism. Instead of lamenting over overlapping crises, it is time to become aware of all that we have already achieved and what opportunities the future holds for us.

Many people seem to be under the completely false impression that our world is getting worse and worse. But in reality, the opposite is true, as can be illustrated by a few examples.


Diplomatic Council New Year’s Celebration on January 27, 2023


German Ambassador Dr. Heinrich Kreft, a long-standing member of the  Diplomatic Council Board of Presidents, will deliver the Keynote Speech at the New Year's Celebration on January 27, 2023.


Numerous new ambassadors have joined the Diplomatic Council

Various new ambassadors as well as a head of government have become Diplomatic Council members in the past few weeks.

Most of them are based in the United Arab Emirates and have accepted the membership invitation issued by Michael Gutowski, Head of DC Mission UAE.


Positive balance 2022, outlook 2023

The Diplomatic Council draws an extremely positive balance for the year 2022. Numerous high-ranking diplomats from all over the world joined as new members, including the ambassadors of Belgium, Italy, Nigeria, Kosovo, Cuba and Taijikistan. Demand for memberships from business and academia was equally brisk. The strict quality course was continued, in that new members must continue to undergo a "heart-and-brain" examination as part of their application process to the Diplomatic Council or present a sound recommendation.


Why the Diplomatic Council Pin is important

It's just a small pin that every new member of the Diplomatic Council is presented with. But in its message, the pin with the letters "DC" for Diplomatic Council is huge.

The little "DC" marks membership in a global think tank whose members are deeply committed to the principles of humanism. Those who wear the symbol belong to a select circle of bright minds around the globe who care about their fellow human beings and feel a responsibility for the future of humanity. So it is only a small pin for one person, but a great symbol of humanity.


Diplomatic Council Books

With the success of the Diplomatic Council Publishing, the range of English books available in 2022 has grown substantially. With as many as nine titles now available, Diplomatic Council books are available in bookstores throughout Europe, America, Asia and Australia. More books are planned for international distribution in 2023.