DC Executive Club 2020: World in Focus

This year’s Executive Club focused on the global issues and concerns in the first part. The group discussed the economic and personal impacts of the Coronavirus as well as the conflict between Iran and the USA always raising the question what this means for Europe. Analysis and predictions were made on how the next decade could and would develop.


Rehago is Startup Leader 2020

Rehago is the winner of the Diplomatic Council Startup Leadership Award 2020. This startup has found a way to employ virtual reality to help partially paralysed patients to manage their daily life after e.g. a stroke. The training in rehabilitation is often demotivating and boring - especially when it is done alone and at home. Therapists suffer from a constant lack of time and patients are often undersupplied. Rehago is a VR application for independent training that can support the rehabilitation process.


Gala photos for download

Right after the check-in, members and guests of the Diplomatic Council Gala 2020 seized the opportunity to be professionally photographed with dignitaries of the Diplomatic Council. Printouts of the pictures could be taken home at the end of the event.

For those who prefer digital pictures, the Diplomatic Council picture gallery is now available at: The gallery also includes pictures from former galas and summer festivals.


A global stage at the Diplomatic Council Gala 2020

The Diplomatic Council has presented a microcosm of the world at the Gala 2020. Ambassador Dr. Heinrich Kreft, member of the Diplomatic Council Board of Presidents, enthused the audience with his impressive keynote address on world and European politics. In particular, Dr. Heinrich Kreft proposed valuable ideas on the role of the European Union in the world of tomorrow after the painful exit of Great Britain.

Thought Leadership

US vs. Iran - What does it mean for Europe?

The bilateral conflict between the USA and Iran is a highly controversial issue, where the frontlines are irrevocably deadlocked and views are deeply entrenched.

To express a different opinion and one's own view of things is obviously not something this world has been waiting for.

I shall therefore confine myself primarily to letting other voices have their say, including those of people of high standing, and perhaps add a few cautious comments. And even that will prove sufficiently controversial.

Thought Leadership

European Chemistry Partnering: An interdisciplinary Approach to Sustainability

By Dr. Holger Bengs, Diplomatic Council Chemistry Leader and Initiator of the European Chemistry Partnering


The startup wave is rolling

The Diplomatic Council Startup Leadership Award to be launched in 2020, enjoys great popularity: the stream of new applications doesn’t stop. The deadline for applications ends on January 20; the festive award ceremony will take place at the Diplomatic Council on February 7 in Frankfurt.

The objective of this Diplomatic Council Startup 2020 Award is to encourage innovative culture, promote the startups regardless of the phase they are in, and offer them an investor and mentoring platform.


Little Smile – happy children

For more than three years now the Diplomatic Council, with the help of its dedicated members, has been supporting Little Smile, a children’s aid project based in Sri Lanka. Michael Kreitmeir, a television journalist, whose son Manual Kreitmeir is a long-time member of the Diplomatic Council, visited Sri Lanka in his function as a journalist more than 20 years ago and witnessed the misery of orphanage children which was a result of the Sri Lankan Civil War.


Keynote by Ambassador Dr. Heinrich Kreft

In good tradition, Dr. Heinrich Kreft, German Ambassador to Luxembourg and Member of the Diplomatic Council Board of Presidents, will deliver the keynote speech at the upcoming Diplomatic Council Gala on February 7.

In his speech he will address the global political situation from the European perspective. We are not only starting a new year but also a new decade. One thing is certain: there are many challenges ahead of us.


Thought Leadership

The great AI controversy

And all men kill the thing they love,
By all let this be heard,
Some do it with a bitter look,
Some with a flattering word,
The coward does it with a kiss
The brave man with a sword!

Oscar Wilde,
Ballad of Reading Gaol
, 1898


Thoughts by Diplomatic Council Member Dr. Horst Walther


I am a fan of Oscar’s lucid dandy quotes. In most cases I quietly enjoy, but have to say tse tse tse …