Thought Leadership

Dr. Andrew Chi

Presentation by Diplomatic Council Member Dr. Andrew Chi at the United Nations Geneva Peace Week in November 2018

Because peacekeeping doesn’t build enough peace, the United Nations has adopted the peacebuilding that was first conceptualized by Johan Galtung. However, peacebuilding is often difficult to build and sustain. For that reason, Societal Coaching is a crucial set of evidence-based and practice-based methods for motivating and supporting suffering people to create personal peace, foster interpersonal peace, and build sustainable socioeconomic conditions for societal peace. Societal Coaching is a group of psychological perspectives and practices that recognizes that each individual has significant potential for cognitive development and humanitarian impact. Societal Coaching is thus a systematic set of methods that trains people to carefully consider all aspects of relevant neurobiology and psychology (that includes both the negative aspects and positive aspects of human psychology) to help transform lives and improve all layers of a society.