Thought Leadership

Diana Wolf-Dolgner
Enrich your CI/MI Function by Integrating Future Management

As a CI/MI manager, how do you deal with the uncertainty of your corporate environment?

By Diana Wolf-Dolgner, Vice Head of Mission Diplomatic Council Switzerland and Managing Director of MARKET & BEYOND, a management consultancy focusing on market intelligence, foresight and business innovation. 

The  increased complexity in our business world combined with the growing pressure to innovate and the  demand for returns increase the need for orientation knowledge and decision-making confidence in  management. Companies that know the dynamics of their business environment will have a clear  advantage. In this seminar, you will look beyond your sphere of influence and learn about established  methods of future management to enrich your CI/MI function. This workshop is designed for all who  want to learn and exchange on how Foresight / Future Management is used in companies to improve  management decisions within your company  with research-based insights to minimize risk and  capitalize on opportunities.

Meet Diana Wolf-Dolgner at a future management workshop at the International Competitive & Market Intelligence Conferences in Luxembourg (May 7-10).