Thought Leadership

Dr. Holger Bengs
European Chemistry Partnering: An interdisciplinary Approach to Sustainability

By Dr. Holger Bengs, Diplomatic Council Chemistry Leader and Initiator of the European Chemistry Partnering

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, the desired Circular Economy in Europe and the Fridays for Future Demonstrations clearly show: We need more innovations to solve the challenges of the 21st Century: climate change, clear water, no hunger, health and wealth for a growing population. Sustainability can only be reached with an involvement of everybody and every technology. Startups, established companies and investors from every region and every discipline should come together in collaborative networks and cooperative value chains. There is no time anymore for long research projects, we have to start tomorrow with innovations we have in principle already in our hands. So it is good to know each other across boundaries to built up trust between us humans.

The European Chemistry Partnering is a unique Business Speed Dating around Chemistry from all over the world. 97 per cent of all of our products contain at least one chemical production step, and now bioeconomy, renewable resources and digitization changes the existing value chains. The ECP is a hotspot of inspiration, at 4th ECP at 27th February 2020 in Frankfurt/Germany.