Dialogue on “Diplomacy meets Business”

The Diplomatic Council will hold an informal dialogue on “Diplomacy meets Business” on 7th December 2021 (2 - 4 PM Bangkok time) and cordially invites selected Ambassadors and business leader to the conversation. They will share their experience on cross-border business and their views on what foreign embassies and ambassadors can do to facilitate and help smooth out many of the challenges of doing business in another country.

Thought Leadership

Paths to Peace

By Hang Nguyen* and Jamal Qaiser**

The speed at which peace is rapidly slipping away from today's world is of great concern to any sensible and aware person. People who consider themselves educated and civilised are reverting to the time when personal egoism and false pride led people to go for each other's throats, and on a communal basis led tribes and dynasties to indulge in barbaric acts.


Global Meet & Greet on Dec 6

A global Meet and Greet is scheduled on December 6 for Diplomatic Council members and their selected guests. In light of the unchanged unsafe covid pandemic, we wish to seize the opportunity to at least get together via zoom to celebrate the pre-christmas time.

On-screen, let us enjoy a glass while we talk about the respective situation in our different countries. For those, who do not know the Diplomatic Council yet, we will show a short presentation about our organisation. We also invite all participants to give a quick introduction about themselves.

Thought Leadership

How big is the environmental dilemma in switching to clean energy?

By Diplomatic Council Member Frank P. Neuhaus*

Baseline scenario: Ores and minerals are the raw material for the energy transition, but their exploitation, global mining projects, is still very damaging, costing far more than just water and electricity. However, water consumption is a particular challenge for exploration. But not only environmental damage is in focus, but also human lives, as painfully learned in recent years, especially in Brazil.


ORIGINAL is coming!

The Government of Mexico, Ministry of Culture, is inviting Diplomatic Council members to participate in the first edition of ORIGINAL.

ORIGINAL is a meeting place for master craftsmen and women, traditional and non-traditional designers and national and international companies to showcase the genuine art of Mexico's creative peoples and communities.


Data Protection Web-Seminar

Diplomatic Council partner and member organisation Temos International Healthcare Accreditation ist hosting a two-hour web-seminar on October 12, 2021, focused on data protection especially as it pertains to healthcare.


Data Protection In the Real World – Online Event

Getting Rid of the Paper Tiger – Beyond Compliance

This virtual October 12th web-seminar is aimed at executives, policy makers, consultants, data protection practitioners and anyone involved in multidisciplinary aspects of data protection & privacy. This is an opportunity to learn how data protection brings value to the organization.

Engage in a conversation with expert Alex Cespedes, Senior Advisor with The Diplomatic Council as he provides insights into:

● Getting to the essence of data protection without the legal mumbo jumbo.


DC Summer Celebration on August 26, 2021

Finally the Diplomatic Council summer celebration will take place on August 26, 2021!


Investment Hub Singapore

Join us in an exclusive joint-event with the Diplomatic Council, the Luxury Network Singapore, Vision Advisory and Liontrust Group to learn why Singapore is rapidly securing its position as a Hub for the World’s Wealthiest.

Discover what a ‚family office‘ is, the benefits of setting one up in Singapore, why legacy & estate planning is important and why many high-network individuals (HNWI) choose to set up a trust in Singapore.

Just to mention: Did you know that Google Co-Founder Sergey Brin is one of the latest HNWI to open their family office in Singapore?


Dato' Steve Cheah appointed Head of Mission CLMTV

Dato' Steve Cheah, social entrepreneur and advisor, has been appointed as Head of Diplomatic Council Mission to CLMTV countries (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam).The new mission has been established with the helping hands of Irene Ho, Head of DC Asia, Ambassador Nongnuth Phetcharatana (Thailand), Ambassador Dato’ Zulkifli Adnan (Malaysia) and last but not least Ambassador Dato’ Jojie Samuel, who has joined the Diplomatic Council Board of Presidents.